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Hello world wide web. I'm Yoyo, an artist and lolita fashion enthusiast. I'm a 1991 child that misses what she can remember of the days of old school, dial up, pixels, and kawaii nonsense. I'm finally blogging after years of being a lazy ass, because the internet lacks the personality that it did 20+ years ago, and I don't want to see it go down without a fight.

I'll be updating as much as I can, and creating as much as I can to help bring the community-space feel of the internet as it was in the days of geocities, angelfire, tripod; Gothic & Lolita Bibles, obscure jrock CDs, DIY, manga from borders books, basic html. I'm here to feel the nostalgia, and I'm ready to share with whoever comes across this site. We build the web, we make the space!

Please share my button on your site, and send yours to me! We can promote each other and create content for our new friends.

!!!GRAPHIX disclaimer:

I will be posting both graphics found from the old internet, and graphics I make myself when inspired. I'll mention if a graphic is made by me when first introduced, and on the (MAKE HYPERLINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)button wall. #lolitafashion #lolita #jfashion #lifestylelolita #pixelart #geocities

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